by Dear Blanca

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Recorded by Bo White in December 2013/January 2014 at a house in West Columbia, SC and the Great Architect practice space in Charlotte, NC.

Much love to all - hope you enjoy it!


released July 29, 2014

Dylan Dickerson - Vocals, Guitars, Vibraslap
Dayne Lee - Vocals, Percussion
Cameron Powell - Bass
Marc Coty - Drums

Special thanks to our talented friends:
-Bo White played keys on "Boulders", "Showplace","Noma", "Pobrecito", and "Cadmus"
-Alea Tuttle played the musical saw on "Noma"
-Patrick Wall played lap steel on "On the Dime"



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Dear Blanca Columbia, South Carolina

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Track Name: Boulders
Come on, give up, and settle down
Every stone is a boulder
Digging out graves in your hometown
is just a part of getting older

The ghost of your love, it speaks in tongues
and sleeps on the floor in my bedroom
Everybody wants a voice in this town
I want you to know that I hear you

I found a cause laying in the garage,
you lost it somewhere in between
the thoughts in your head
Could you not find a pen?
Oh, to think you were just seventeen

And now I'm alone in a room full of ghosts
that never remember my name
and when you're asleep, sometimes I think
that you and the ghosts look the same
Track Name: Showplace
Mary, by the slot machine
Here's to my luck
in Atlantic City tonight
I'm at the pier with you now
It's colder than hell
in Atlantic City tonight

Standing in the light, you tell me sevens come in threes
Fingers crossed while I drop knickels into this machine
I don't have the nerve to tell you how it ought to be
so I'm swapping stories with the suicidal king

Frank is crooning about
the memory-go-round,
dead bulbs on old marquees
Mary, lets live in the past
like old photographs
for my brother's children to see
Track Name: Noma
Colors are running wild
What is it like to be you?
Is there a better side
to all of the pain within you?

What are you doing to me,

How did I end up here
with all of the love I wasted?
Turn off the car and steer
my mind away from ageing

What are you doing to me,

Am I coming down?
Are you still up?
I just want to sleep.
Oh, I've had enough

What are you doing to me, Cassidy?
Track Name: Huff
I loved you more than you could know,
my shadow
With every breath you followed closely,
my shadow

This old house is not a home
without you, shadow
and I would like to burn it down,
my shadow

I'd ask the sun, what have you done
to my shadow?
There is no love to depend on,
my shadow

There is no love
to depend on
I wish you could bury my bones
when I am gone

I only want to hold you
I only want to hold you
I only want to hold you
I only want to hold you
Track Name: Priscilla
I can only feel for you
I cannot feel as you
I know the limits of my empathy,

Your parents love you
Even if they aren't blood
you should treat them just the same
When I think of you
I think of what you've been through
A tiny pallbearer ,you could barely reach the handle,

There was a father
whose laugh was yellow
He had the cure for
waiting room silence,
Track Name: Pobrecito
She said, I'm the spot on your lung
that hasn't yet spread
and I'm staining your clean bill of health
I want you to breath in deep
and let yourself sleep
while I remove myself

and as the junker crossed over
the yellow lines
that had faded from the road
She counted cigarette burns
in the passenger seat
and sang gently as she took the curve

Honey, you've been under the knife
Trust me, I know what it's like

After all the get better soons
and wishing you wells
he likened his room to a cell
But he made it out
with his mind still in tact
and on the drive home he sang to himself

Honey, i've been under the knife
but I'm sleeping in my own bed tonight

He kept the letters she sent in a seperate pile from the rest
and he thought of a different song that she sand once before she left

Honey, take me dancing tonight
For once, let's do something nice
Track Name: On the Dime
I'm not who you think that I think I am
and you're not who I think that you think you are
I love you but I just can't understand
how this redhead girl could make me feel so blue

You're wearing my patience around your wrist
I take you for granted but you insist
Darling, you were always on my mind
but you left me behind

I've made my mistakes and owned up to them
You put me in the shape that I am in
I love you but I just can't understand
how this redheadgirl could make me feel so blue

On my mind all the time
On my mind all the time
On my mind all the time
but you left me on the dime
Track Name: Praise Break
How is the weather up there?
Shake, shake, shake this fear of heights
and breath the thinnest air
Give, give back the gift of light

I'm blind
I'm blind, I've lost my way
I'm blind
I'm blind but i'm okay

If I'm ever in heaven sitting down
I'll pass the time with Fred McDowell
If god says watch your mouth
I'll bite my tongue and spit blood out
Track Name: Cadmus
The organ is flooding the basement
with sour notes
and I don't think i'll make it

They're selling the house
since nobody lives in it now
I spent my days underground
playing the organ

The organ
is drowing you out
It's drowning me now,
down in the basement